Pictures and Videos - Page 4
(October 2006 to October 2007)

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Picture of forms for rebuilding of service building, October 2006. Photo by Joe Belanger.

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Picture of rerod work, October 2006. Photo by Joe Belanger.

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Picture of foundation floor being smoothed out, October 2006. Photo by Joe Belanger.

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October 2006 -- Progress is being made on rebuilding the service building, blocks are being placed! Bricks will be next!

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October 2006. Photo by Joe Belanger.

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November 2006 -- Don Ross looking over the rebuilt service building.

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January 2007 -- View looking west from top of tower.

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This moose was seen by the Brockways about 7 miles south of Paradise on May 6, 2007.
The files below are time lapse videos of a sunset at Crisp Point made by David Holmes and his wife on September 2, 2007. For the first file, David says that the camera was set up to capture an image every 3 seconds from approximately 7PM to 9:30PM. He applied a post processed video filter for a "warm" effect on the video and then did a slow pan on the image file to create the illusion that the camera was moving. The second video is a newer and different version in Quicktime which is smaller in size. See our Your Pics page for a third version on YouTube.

davidholmesvideo.wmv (4.94 MB) (3.1 MB)


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September 2007, Rick Brockway works on scraping old peeling paint off the center post in the tower.

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September 2007, Terri Brockway works on shoveling sand that has blown onto the boardwalk.

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Kalei helps her grandmother (Terri Brockway) remove sand from the boardwalk. Thanks for the help Kalei!

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The stone shore protection was repaired again in October 2007 on the east side of the lighthouse.

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The roof is finished on the rebuilt service building! Next job is the shingles!

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The old door is back on again as of October 2007.


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