New Kids Activity Sheets Developed by Nikki Craig for Crisp Point

We are please to announce that after much hard work and dedication, Nikki Craig has developed some Crisp Point themed activity sheets that kids can work on during those rainy days at the campground or perhaps on that boring I-75 ride.

The sheets feature a picture of the Crisp Point Lighthouse that can be colored, a word search, lighthouse anatomy activity, a crossword puzzle, a “draw me” activity, and a fill in the blank.  Each of the six sheets can be printed out on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Each file below contains two pages. Click each file to download and print out:

Crisp Point Activity Sheet 8.5 x 11_190501

Crisp Point Activity Sheet 8.5 x 11_190502

Crisp Point Activity Sheet 8.5 x 11_190503