2019 Crisp Point Volunteer Keeper Program

As this year winds down with only five more days that we will be open at Crisp Point, it’s time to start looking to 2019.

The 2019 Keepers Program will start taking reservations on November 1st this year. Any request received prior to Midnight on November 1st will be moved to the bottom of the requests made on November 1, 2018. You may request from one to five days.
There are some rules you will have to follow and some work requirements you will have to do on a daily basis (at least) but the rewards of being a Keeper Volunteer go beyond words with the enjoyment you get being a volunteer. You can check out more Keeper Information on our web site at: http://www.crisppointlighthouse.org/volunteerkeepers.html.

You MUST be a member of the Crisp Point Light Historical Society in order to request to be a Keeper. You must also be a member in good standing at the time of being a keeper. (See http://www.crisppointlighthouse.org/member.html for membership info.)
Starting on November 1st, 2018 Jamie Rolfe, the CPLHS Vice President, will be taking over the Keepers Program. All reservation requests and any other questions regarding the Keepers Program will now go through Jamie. I will continue to monitor the Keepers Program behind the scenes, but please contact Jamie. If you contact me through phone or e-mail about the Keepers Program I will direct you to Jamie, so save your time and contact her first.

Over the next few months Jamie and I will be updating the Keepers Guidelines for 2019 which everyone who gets to act as Keepers in 2019 will receive a copy of through e-mail.  We will also be working on the 2019 Keepers Shirt Design and get the order forms out to you in plenty of time to receive your shirts before the 2019 season begins. In the past there have been a few that have to be reminded several times about the keeper’s shirt orders. This year we will send out the order form (via e-mail), give you 10 days to return it with payment, and that is it. We do not have the time or resources to continually remind you. If you are responsible enough to be the Keepers at Crisp Point then you should be responsible enough to handle this in a timely manner.

November 1st is just around the corner so start looking at your 2019 calendar now and make sure your Membership is up to date.  If you have membership questions you can contact Teri Beasley, the CPLHS Secretary and she can assist you.

For the 2019 Keeper season we plan on the first Keepers arriving on or before May 19th. Please keep in mind that we cannot predict the weather and Crisp Point may not be accessible due to snow. However we do everything we can to make sure we open on time. In 2019, the CPLHS Family Camping / Work weekend will be May 24 – 27. You may arrive the afternoon of the 23rd and stay until the morning of the 28th. The Keepers who sign up for the weekend will be required to make sure the Visitors Center is operated normally.

There are some plans to make some improvements to the Keepers Camping area so the cement pad may not be available for a short period after we open. We will keep the affected Keepers informed as needed.

Contact: Jamie Rolfe (CPLHS Vice President) Keeper’s reservations and questions(e-mail preferred especially for Keeper reservations):
E-mail: cplhs1944@gmail.com
Phone: 616-204-1729

Contact: Teri Beasley (CPLHS Secretary to the President) Membership questions:
Phone: 989-859-2425
Email: crisppoint@gmail.com

Thank you and here’s to another successful year at Crisp Point in 2019!
CPLHS President