Crisp Point Web Site and Facebook Update

The Crisp Point Light Historical Society web site is a great place to get information about Crisp Point 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some things we have on the web site are a brochure request form, a downloadable brochure (includes a map on the back), driving directions, history, volunteer keeper schedule and information on how to become a volunteer keeper, events schedule, information on how you can help Crisp Point, fundraiser items order form, newsletter archives, area lodging and restaurant information, photos, videos, related links, and much more! Check it out at!

In January 2018, we were able to find a photo of Second Assistant Lighthouse Keeper Lloyd Robins. The photo also included his wife Gertrude and son Clarence. The Forest Hill Cemetery / Duluth Cemetery Association also shared a photo of his family’s grave marker with us. Both are now featured on our web site on Lloyd’s page at We are hoping to get a photo of Lloyd’s grave marker in the spring when all the snow is gone. Some interesting facts we learned from researching about Lloyd this winter, are that his son Clarence ended up working for the US Coast Guard and became a lighthouse keeper. Apparently lighthouse keeping was contagious in the Robins family!

As many of you may know, we also have two Facebook pages. One is a group page (Crisp Point Light Historical Society at and the other is a regular page (Crisp Point Lighthouse at As of 1/28/18, our group page had 2,380 members and our regular page had 2,720 follows and 2,763 likes. One recent change to Facebook Group Pages is the ability to ask three questions to people who are asking to become members of the group page. This is another tool for us to be able to pre-screen Facebook accounts before we allow people to become a member of our Facebook group page. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which are spam/bot accounts and which are real people. So if you haven’t become a member of our Facebook group page yet and you click on the button to join, please answer the three questions to help us know you are a real person. The questions are: 1) How did you hear about Crisp Point Light Historical Society? 2) Have you visited our web site at 3) Have you visited Crisp Point Lighthouse? Accounts that we cannot rule out as potential spam/bot accounts will not be allowed to join.