State of Michigan Announces New “Save Our Lights” License Plate Design

It was recently announced that the State of Michigan has come up with a new design for the “Save Our Lights” license plate.  It’s definitely eye catching!

New "Save Our Lights" license plate.
The new “Save Our Lights” license plate designed by the State Historic Preservation Office.

The old one, pictured below, featured the White Shoal Lighthouse and was the design for approximately 15 years.

Old “Save Our Lights” plate featuring White Shoal Lighthouse.

The State Historic Preservation Office is hoping to boost sales of the plates with this new design.  The Michigan “Save Our Lights” license plate is part of a program that helps fund the preservation of Michigan’s 124 lighthouses.  The plate costs $35 and $25 goes towards this cause.  The Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program (MLAP) that is run by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is the beneficiary of the sales of these plates.  As many of you may know, Crisp Point Lighthouse was selected to be a recipient of a grant from this program in 2015.  All of the masonry work, painting, etc. that was completed in 2016 will be partially funded by a $25,000 grant from MLAP.  In fact, our reimbursement request was just turned in this week!  (Thank you to Heather Johnson for her hard work on all of the quarterly and final reports that had to be sent to SHPO.)

For more information on purchasing one of these plates, you can go to the following website:,4670,7-127-1585_1595_9026-23624–,00.html.  The order form can be viewed directly here too:  Or, when you get your license renewal information in the mail, look for the “Save Our Lights” license plate in the renewal papers. If you purchase a “Save Our Light” license plate, each year when you renew your plate, a $10 fee will be added to your registration fees.  This $10 then goes to the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program.  It’s really an easy way to make a difference. For those of you out of state, or who have a different special cause license plate, you can also order Collector Plates that cannot be used on vehicles for $35 ($25 goes towards the cause), including the “Save Our Lights” plate. (,4670,7-127-1585_1595_21641-55682–,00.html) The following is a link to the application form on the State of Michigan’s website: 

I still think it would be an amazing thing if they changed the lighthouse that is on the plate each year to a different Michigan lighthouse, or maybe even have two or three new lighthouse options available each year.  I think this would make sales of these plates increase, as a Michigan lighthouse fan might consider purchasing their favorite lighthouse as a collector plate.  It would be similar to the state quarters program that the mint started.  What a great way this would be to promote each of Michigan’s 124 lighthouses!!  But, maybe that’s just me dreaming again.  (Write your representative today anyway though! hahaha)  Enjoy autumn everyone!

PS:  We have the SHPO 2015 Michigan Lighthouses map available on our website in pdf format.  Click here to download the map: