2015 Lighthouse Assistance Grant Awarded


Congratulations to the Crisp Point Light Historical Society and the Crisp Point Lighthouse 

The Crisp Point Lighthouse is one of only five historic Michigan lighthouses that were awarded Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program grants in 2015.  The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office, Michigan State Housing Development Authority announced the awards on April 9, 2015.

The Crisp Point Light Historical Society was selected from a large number of applicants to receive $25,000 for Crisp Point Lighthouse near Newberry in Luce County. The project includes hiring a contractor to remove paint from the exterior, replace roof flashing, mortar, and brick, and repaint the exterior of the Crisp Point Lighthouse.

The Crisp Point Light Historical Society wants to thank CPLHS Member Heather Johnson for coming forward at a curtail point in the grant application process to take control of the grant application and take it to completion and getting it submitted on time.

CPLHS Board Member Cameron Lovett had started the grant application, but due to some life changes at a crucial time in the application process, was not able to devote the time needed to get the application completed. This is when CPLHS sent out a plea through Social Media and our Newsletter asking for someone who could complete the application process. This is when Heather came forward and offered to help. Once Cameron got Heather up to speed on where we were at in the application process, Heather took the ball and ran with it. Although Cameron and CPLHS President Rick Brockway assisted Heather where and when they could during the countless hours of research and document preparation, Heather was the main driving force getting the grant application submitted.

This link will take you to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) press release: https://www.michigan.gov/mshda/0,4641,7-141-7559_9637-352272–,00.html

Although Crisp Point Lighthouse is one of the 2015 MLAP Grant recipients our work has only begun. The Crisp Point Light Historical Society must follow a long list of requirements, including paying 100% of all expenses to the completion of the project and then upon satisfying all the requirements of the grant will receive the grant funds.

With the additional deterioration of the original 1903 brick over this long and cold winter and the project expected to be well in excess of $50,000, your support is more important now than ever to insure the proper and complete repair / restoration of these deteriorating bricks. As I mentioned earlier, CPLHS must 100% fund the project prior to be awarding the grant money. Once we receive the grant money it can then be used to fund further restoration projects and or address erosion concerns.

For more information on how you may help the Crisp Point Lighthouse please visit our web site at: crisppointlighthouse.org or e-mail Rick at cplhs@sbcglobal.net