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CPLHS Keepers Sign Up Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to establish a fair and equitable means for all CPLHS Members to sign up to be Keepers at the Crisp Point Lighthouse.


  1. Prospective keepers must be members in good standing of CPLHS when scheduling time to be keepers and at the time you are keepers. Membership may be processed at the same time as scheduling dates to be keepers. To become a member or renew your membership, visit http://www.crisppointlighthouse.org/member.html. If any person has pleaded guilty to, pleaded no contest to, or has been convicted of any felony charges, that person shall be prohibited from being a volunteer lighthouse keeper. If any person has pleaded guilty to, pleaded no contest to or has been convicted of any crime regarding theft, whether the charges are misdemeanor or felony in nature, that person shall be prohibited from being a volunteer keeper, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Discretion of the Directors is to be guided by the following, but is not limited to the following: 1. Remoteness of event, 2. References from other volunteer organizations/people, 3. Relationship between crime and being a volunteer keeper, and 4. Perceived level of rehabilitation.
  2. Beginning November 1st, reservations will be taken for the following year. All keepers will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations will be accepted for the following year prior to November 1.
  3. Check the online calendar at http://www.localendar.com/public/crisppointlighthouse to check for available dates. If you do not have internet access, call Jamie Rolfe at 616-204-1729.
  4. Only one Keeper group will be permitted to sign up at any given time unless CPLHS has scheduled a family weekend. Keeper groups must have a minimum of two adults, but not more than four. You may schedule from one to five days at a time.
  5. Call Jamie Rolfe at 616-204-1729 or email cplhs1944@gmail.com to schedule your time starting November 1. (email is the preferred method of contact). You must call or email because only authorized persons can update the online calendar. Your membership status will be verified using the latest membership data file prior to being posted online.
  6. Your last name will be entered into the online calendar in order to keep track of who is scheduled. No other information will be posted online.
For a more detailed pdf version of this procedure, click here.

General Duties & Information


You do not have to stay at the lighthouse to be a Keeper.

Drinkable water is not available, so bring your own water and beverages.

Electricity is not available for personal use. A small generator is recommended if you need power.

Phone service (landline) is available at the Visitor Center for emergencies.

There are no refrigerators. The nearest ice available is approximately 24 miles away, at a store near Tahquamenon Falls.

There are no garbage cans or dumpsters available. When your stay is complete, take all trash with you and discard properly.

There is no heat in any of the buildings.

There are flush toilets and hand sanitizer in the restrooms.

Pets need to be on a leash when on lighthouse property and any waste picked up.

There is a small first aid kit available in the Visitor Center. Please contact Jamie if it needs restocking.

If you will be using a camper or trailer, there is a cement pad for parking near the Visitor Center.

A fire pit is available for a camp fire. Purchase firewood in the Upper Peninsula, firewood is not allowed across the Mackinac Bridge. It is your responsibility to know if there are any DNR restrictions regarding camp fires. Contact a DNR office or visit their website for more information. Fires are not allowed during restricted times.

A barbecue grill is available for use, bring your own lighter fluid and charcoal. Please clean after using.


You will be expected to assist visitors to Crisp Point for a minimum of 8 hours per day from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Open the tower and Visitor Center for guests to access.

Greet visitors, sell Crisp Point related merchandise, answer questions, offer general and/or historical information about the lighthouse and the Historical Society.

Pick up any debris and other items found on the grounds and discard properly.

Sweep and clean lighthouse and Visitor Center building as needed.

Sweep, clean, and restock restrooms as needed.

Sweep boardwalk as needed.

Restock merchandise containers as needed with available extra stock. Extra stock is located under the display cases and upstairs in the Visitor Center.

Consider writing an article about your experience as a volunteer keeper for one of our newsletters. If you are interested, please contact our newletter editor. See our CPLHS Contacts and General Info page for contact info at www.crisppointlighthouse.org/contacts.html.

For a more detailed version of the information and duties, click here.



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